Zales Credit Card

When it comes to getting that special ring to commemorate any particular occasion, you really want that to be very nice and special as well. If you already know about Zales, you know that one thing they do for sure is provide very beautiful jewelry at very reasonable prices. When it comes to finance options and jewelry options, there really aren't many stores that really compete with Zales. If you have ever given someone a piece of jewelry from Zales or even stopped by to view at their stores, you already know about their quality. With their Zales Credit Card, they have handed out very nice finance options that are very affordable for many years now. Getting your hands on the Zales Credit Card can be one of the very best things you can do when it comes to having a jeweler at your disposal that will allow for financing of some of the most special purchases of your life.

One of the things that definitely make the Zales Credit Card stand-out in the crowd is their finance options. When you are going to get a purchase of $300 on up to $999, you will have the option to break down your payments into installments for six months. That is really amazing for someone who happens to be on a smaller budget. They can get their jewelry $300 and only pay $50 a month for six months. Another option is that if you have purchases that exceed $1,000 you can get the option to pay it off over the period of a year. What's even more awesome is that these two options are available to you whether you use your Zales Credit Card to shop in the physical or the online store.


What else is really great about have thing Zales Credit Card is that those finance options we just mentioned earlier all have zero deposit required. That mean, you will leave the store with your special piece of jewelry and not have to pay even one cent in advance. How amazing is that? The only time you would need to have a deposit on a finance option is when your purchase exceeds $5,000 which is still very great considering options from other jewelers. By the way, when you finance a purchase over $5,000 you are going to be able to spread out your installments over an 18 month period.

There seems to be only one great credit card to get your hands on when it comes to getting the very best jewelry with very great financing options and at great prices. Getting your hands on the Zales Credit Card will definitely prove that you can have your ring and wear it proudly as long as you pay very small payments each month for it. Paying $30 a month for a set of rings that costs $300 is really an awesome deal if there ever was one. You would never have to let your special days come and go without getting the proper gift of jewelry at a great price. Why would you want to just pay full price out-of-pocket when you could finance the same thing with the Zales Credit Card?